Pac Ngoi Village home stay

  • About the hotel:
    Pac Ngoi Village is located on the slopes of mountains which surround Ba Be Lake, an ideal location for an ecotourism destination. The homestays are in one of the 40 traditional stilt houses which have been almost eradicated in many other provinces. In Pac Ngoi they are highly valued and preserved but you never know how long this will last, so making the most of this experience is a must. Staying here you get more than just witnessing some of the most wonderful scenery of Northern Vietnam, you also get to join and immerse yourself in the peaceful and friendly Tay culture.
  • Location:
    Ba Be National Park is located about 5 hour drive from Hanoi. Pac Ngoi village is nestled by a small river leading to the Ba Be lakes, part of the Ba Be national park.
  • Great for:
    Experiencing true Vietnamese life in some of the country’s most beautiful scenery.
  • Accommodation:
    This home stay offers visitors to stay in one of the 40 traditional stilt houses built in wood.
  • Dining:
    You will get to experience true Vietnamese food cooked by your hosts.
  • Activities:
    Immerse yourself in family life of the Tay people.
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