West Lake

  • About the hotel:
    Uniquely situated on the waters of West Lake, yet only minutes from the Old Quarter of Hanoi, this tranquil retreat is a small haven from the lively city centre. The hotel offers all the amenities you could wish for in your stay as well as Tai chi, Yoga, Aerobic and Pilate classes beside the outdoor pool for the more active. Enjoy contemporary Vietnamese cuisine from one of the three restaurants the hotel offers whilst looking across the city’s skyline. Alternatively take in the spectacular views from your own private balcony.
  • Location:
    Only minutes from Hanoi’s famous Old Quarter, this hotel is situated over the waters of West Lake.
  • Great for:
    Families and couples of all ages and water lovers, as this hotel is uniquely placed over the serene waters of West Lake.
  • Accommodation:
    All rooms are in a contemporary Vietnamese design with sophisticated, wooden flooring. 318 guest rooms have a private balcony and large bathtub to soak after your busy days. The 59 suites consist of one living room, one bedroom and two private balconies.
  • Dining:
    The restaurants at the Westlake offer a range of cuisine from Saigon which provides a fusion of Vietnamese menu; Café du Lac, a classic brasserie; or enjoy chic Italian food at the Milan. Sunset Bar offers a whole host of cocktails to try whilst the Diplomat Lounge is great for afternoon tea.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    The breakfast here is simply amazing, even with a fruit juice cocktail artist.
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